Friday 2 June 2017

So. June.

Well, that was interesting. My last post about birding reputations received approximately 7X more traffic than a bog standard one about the usual tosh. I think mainly because it was punted around Twitter somewhat. This surprising response taught me a couple of lessons.

1. I need to grow up and stop poking fun at the mighty Scopac. You won't see any such teasing in the current version of that post, but an early draft did contain what could easily be considered a rather sneery reference. I didn't mean to come across like that. I do appreciate that they must be a boon to many. And perhaps one day my ageing bones will demand I go and buy one. In the meantime I will stick with the shoulder while I can. When I can be bothered to carry a scope at all...

2. Despite one or two on Twitter espousing the "Who cares what anyone thinks of you?" sentiment, I get the feeling most do. I'm glad about that because I certainly do. Birding-wise, I would not like to think I had a reputation as dodgy in any way. Is it not fairly normal to care about that?

So, many thanks to those who commented, 'liked', retweeted etc. Much appreciated.

Well, here we are in June, easily my most hated birding month.

Having fairly limited play-time I like to get maximum value from it. In June I struggle to get any at all. One of my best ever June finds down here was a pair of Ruddy Shelduck on the Axe. Bla-a-a-ah...

On the other hand, my only two local Turtle Doves were both in June. But that is it. I cannot think of any other proper quality birds that have come my way while patch-birding in June.

In this part of the country June is when you might get the odd Woodchat Shrike, Rose-coloured Starling, maybe Bee-eater or (this year anyway) one of those myriad Red-footed Falcons. Perhaps. But not for me. Not in more than a decade of uncompromisingly half-hearted effort.

But it was hopes of one of the above (or similar) that got me up early this morning and out to the patch. Approximately 25 Common Scoter flew E over the sea, and 2 adult Med Gulls flew W over the land. I made a note of nothing else whatsoever.

Admittedly it was still May when I took this, but, Canada Geese. Does any other species convey the spirit of June so fully?


  1. My re-emergence as a birder took place mainly in June Gav.
    I doubt there's many birders who had as many lifers in that month as I did.
    June 1st 1984: Bearded Tit, Cetti's Warbler, Ring Necked Parakeet.. and on to the Collared Flycatcher which I didn't see well enough... that went down as a dip.
    June then.

    1. 1984 was a very busy birding year for me too Ric. Good views of that Collared Fly eventually...but in May :)

  2. So far this June I've seen a Bee-eater, Rose-coloured Starling and 2 Black-winged Stilts, and it's only June 3rd!! But I do get your point Gav. It can be feast or famine...

    1. Steve, I must admit that I've seen some cracking birds in June. For example, Tree Swallow and Ancient Murrelet made June 1990 pretty memorable. However, with the sole exception of Staines Res I can safely say that nowhere I have called my patch has been even slightly exciting in June.