Monday, 13 July 2020

Wader Fix

Dropped in to Black Hole Marsh in Seaton after work today. Wader fix...

Haven't seen a Ruff in its party clothes for years. Only half-dressed now of course, but still pretty cool.

Juv Little Ringed Plover. One of two present. It is basically standing in a toilet.

Adult Greenshank having a shuffle.

Both juv LRPs

There were also 10+ Common Sandpipers and a couple of Dunlin. When Black Hole Marsh was a ten-minute walk from home I most definitely took it for granted. I foresee a few after-work visits...

Locally there is little to report, though a Lesser Whitehroat in The Burton Cliffs scrub yesterday morning was presumably a migrant. First thing today was really quiet, though it was such a beautiful morning , and the view so terrific, that it hardly mattered.

Mid-July is such a weird time. At my age I hate to hurry things along, but I wish autumn would get on with it properly...

Clifftop sentinel. Black & white seems appropriate somehow...

PS. Out of curiosity I checked the Dorset Moth Group website for Lunar Hornet Moth records in the county. Its local status is listed as 'Scarce and thinly distributed or restricted resident' and since 1986 (the 'first record on file') there have been just 64 records. Roughly two a year. This puts yesterday's jammy encounter in perspective...


  1. What a picture. Your crow should be on a poster for every goth's bedroom - love it.

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Dave. It's possibly even more goth than a Crow, Dave - it's a Raven! 😄 👍

  2. Those Ruffs sure do know how to party ;)
    Bird jokes aside, I love the photo of the raven. Black and white was the perfect choice there - nothing better to capture its personality and presence!

    1. Thanks Sadini. Yes, a Raven definitely has presence, especially when it's beady eyes are fixed right on you!