Monday 11 October 2021

No Siskins

Yesterday was glorious again. A sunny afternoon plod round Cogden and West Bex was predictably lacking in birdy thrills, but 2 Whinchats were nice to see, and 4 Clouded Yellows. Actually, it was really a day for butterflies. And dewy bottles of beer.

This morning I made an effort. Out reasonably early, I walked from Burton Bradstock to the far end of Cogden and back, with the recorder going. Lots of birds on the move. I tend to be a lazy counter, but 300+ Jackdaws heading west made it into print. My first Redpoll of the autumn too. No Siskins though. Well, not until I sat down this evening and had a flick through my recording. I only checked a fraction of it, but at least three times I spied the tell-tale shapes, and sure enough...Siskins. Whatever birding skills I once had are definitely on the way out...

However, I can spot big white things. So when a Great White Egret tried to sneak across Cogden airspace I was on it in a flash. Mind you, the camera was a bit slower than me...

My first GWE since this time last year, when two flew W past Cogden, just offshore

They might be an everyday sight in many places - in silly numbers too - but Great White Egret is still a pretty scarce bird locally.

Finally, for a change it wasn't a Wheatear which perched up in obliging fashion this morning...

Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipits never let me get that close. Presumably that's a look of astonished pity...

'Seriously? You can't hear those Siskins?!'

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