Thursday, 9 January 2020

Thank You

There is no denying it, as someone who writes stuff I do appreciate positive feedback. So, to receive the double honour of two Rambler awards for NQS is very pleasing. Especially as I only managed six posts in the first nine months of 2019! So a big thank-you to Neil Randon for both the awards and his generous words.

It has made me once again ponder the perennial question, what is blogging all about? And the answer is still the same: whatever you want it to be about. And NQS is about providing an outlet for some weird urge I have to write. Would NQS exist if there was no audience potential? No. It is clearly not written just for me. So a big thank-you also to the readers of this blog. Basically, you make it happen.

So, while NQS has a receptive audience, the urge remains. In fits and starts sometimes, but mostly it is there...

And right now the urge is just ridiculous.

1st October 2006. Some bloke in his forties who didn't need specs, when NQS wasn't even a twinkle...


  1. That's the track up Buzza Hill, I'd recognise that anywhere! Anyway, so who's the stud in the shorts? Not one of the local fishermen, I know all of them...

    1. I don't know, but he's heading towards one of my favourite birdy areas on St. Mary's - Peninnis. I think he's going to see a Hoopoe shortly...

  2. Gav, if this blog was on television, it would be worthy of a couple of BAFTAS.