Tuesday 11 January 2022


There is progress on the #LocalBigYear front. On Sunday afternoon I failed to see Brambling at my Brambling spot, but did glean some Barn Owl gen from a friendly farmer, and followed that up with two Green Sandpipers at the Green Sandpiper spot. Swings, roundabouts. And today there was a Coot, which gets me to 75.

The weather has been a pain though. Yesterday was too wet for work and, because I'm a wuss, too wet for birding. This morning it wasn't raining per se, but damp and foggy. The air was just sodden. I went to West Bex for a walk on the beach. Visibility was frequently less than 200m...

A single Red-throated Diver was about it on the sea.

Gulls showing well on the West Bex Mere

When the weather is grim I guess you just have to take what you can get. If that includes a gull or two, I shan't moan...

Murky Med

Possibly the shortest NQS post ever.


  1. Could almost have fitted that in a tweet Gavin! Still, sums up January thus far very well.

    1. I keep seeing the word 'dreich' on Twitter just lately. I think the Scots nailed it! 😄