Sunday 15 January 2023

A Change in the Weather

With the forecast predicting one, maybe two, sub-zero nights this week, I wonder if the brief chill will be enough to stir things up a bit? Golden Plover perhaps? Woodcock? A massive influx of Smew at least? I must get around to fleshing out the PWC 2023 page on this blog, but the current tallies are 60 species (73 points) on the West Bay & Eype patch, and 41 species (43 points) for Bridport North. Apart from the West Bay Leach's Petrel, nothing too unexpected. An afternoon walk around Bridport North today added Bullfinch, Dunnock (must have missed that off by accident previously), Long-tailed Tit, Goldcrest and Sparrowhawk. One of the Bradpole Firecrests showed nicely too...

Eye candy.

On Friday I happened to be working near the Axe Estuary when two Avocets turned up at Colyford Marsh. A quick look from the Axmouth road, and some classy pics from 600m...

Avocets on the Colyford Marsh scrape.

When it comes to waders the Axe is in a different league to the Bridport recording area, which apparently has a wader list of about 26. And at least one of those (Stone-curlew) has occurred only as noc-mig records. All I've managed so far in 2023 are Snipe and Lapwing. Meanwhile, the Axe wader list stands at 44, I think. Not jealous. Not frustrated that the Brit Valley at West Bay is a load of scrape-less fields and wasted potential. No, of course not.

On the other hand, I am beginning to wonder if the seawatching on offer at West Bay might turn out to be much better than I expected. Time will tell.

So much to learn.

In the meantime, better wrap up warm this week...


  1. More white wingers to come after Wednesday Gav...

    1. Hope so. Have seen hardly any in recent years, and it would be great to get one at West Bay.

  2. Oh and my small 3km patch has a wader list of 26 of which I've had 24 whilst the mighty Boulmer is on 36...

    1. Impressive. Very little habitat here to hold birds that want to feed. Beach is too small and disturbed. Otherwise just one field that dog-walkers can't really access, which gets occasional flash. I've seen 6 species on it, ever. Apart from seawatching, not optimistic that I'll see many waders!

    2. Yeah my patch has very little wader feeding habitat either. Its a very rocky shore too so things like Ringed Plover and Sanderling are scarce and freshwater waders more so, stuff like Wood Sand or Spotted Redshank would be megas! Only one Little Stint, a fly by calling, Dunlin even is tricky but Purple Sand is about the easiest of the calidrids!