Thursday 20 October 2022

West Bay Barred Warbler Again...

The West Bay Barred Warbler was present again this morning. That's three days so far. A fair few birders have come to see it, though I've met only a handful. Twitter has made it easy to get the news out each day, with a map and 'dropped pin' for those unfamiliar with the location (that's everyone, probably) and the bird has obliged by showing regularly. One of Tuesday's visitors was Dorset photographer, Peter Coe, who kindly sent me the fruits of his labour and gave me the thumbs-up re posting them here. I'm not sure I've ever seen better photos of a Barred Warbler...

Every Barred Warbler field character you could wish for is on view here. Except the undertail covert chevrons of course.
(photo ©Peter Coe)

Oh...wait a minute...
(photo ©Peter Coe)

There you go!
(photo ©Peter Coe)

I am really chuffed to be able to feature these amazing shots on the blog, and very grateful to Pete for such a lovely memento of a special bird.

So, what next? Does the Bridport recording area have any more surprises up its autumn sleeve? I hope so.

Yesterday morning's oddity was two vismig Goosanders flying east, well inland from the viewpoint. They were a bit of a struggle to identify, but we clinched it in the end. To my amazement, Tom even got recognisable photos. Roughly three pixels per bird. Definitely a #LocalBigYear tick, and possibly my first local Goosanders ever. I can't be bothered to look it up, and my memory is a complete blank, so we'll leave it at 'possibly'.

This morning's oddity was two distant geese flying east over the sea at 08:10. Just too distant for bins, but they looked very interesting. Especially in view of the fact that several extralimital 'grey' geese were out and about in Dorset during yesterday's blasting easterlies. I put a message out, but don't think anyone else picked them up. Ah well...

Just the one new moth recently...

Red-line Quaker. Another autumn speciality.

I'm still going through last night's nocmig recording, but thought I'd better interrupt proceedings to get this post done. It was a busy night. Currently 645 Redwings and counting...!

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