Sunday, 27 November 2022

Muckboot Birding

Two more Little Gulls east past West Bay yesterday afternoon brings my tally to eight. This month has seen some of the best Lyme Bay seawatching I've experienced, but last night saw the last of this rough spell, so I think that's it now... 

It's been great to see so many Kittiwakes inshore.

This Guillemot early yesterday morning looked in trouble...

Today I thought there may be a slim chance of a lingering pelagic treat in the surf first thing, but no, absolutely nothing. I did jam into the elusive West Bay Black Redstart though...

Looking at roofs - any roof - has become default birding behaviour lately.

This afternoon I pulled on the Muckboots and plodded out to investigate some of what will be my 2023 Patchwork Challenge 'green' patch. There were some nice bits and bobs - Med Gull, Water Rail (heard), 3 Chiffs, Mistle Thrush, and a possible Cetti's Warbler (single call, seemingly from reeds, but heard poorly enough to sow much doubt) - and one stonking goodie...

Dipper! Oh yesss! I could hardly believe my good fortune.

Dipper was definitely on my radar here, but far from expected, so I was well chuffed to stumble across this one, eyeing me suspiciously from its little stream...

Only the second Dipper I've seen within the Bridport recording area.

Distant Mistle Thrush.

Adult Med Gull. Always a treat.

Four and a bit really enjoyable miles, on foot from the front door. Sweet.

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